In Depth Teen Driving Course

Your child is now a teenager, and ready to start learning how to drive. Take a deep breath; we have you covered. Accelr8 Driving School in North Brunswick, New Jersey, offers a teen driving course that includes private, individual lessons to give them the driving experience they need.

Six Hour Course

The state requires teenagers 16 and older to complete a six-hour course that includes behind-the-wheel experience. When the course is over, your teen will receive a certificate of completion, and he or she may even be eligible for insurance discounts.

Obtaining a Permit

In order to complete the course, the teen must obtain a valid permit at the DMV. We will accompany you and your teen to the motor vehicles department to take the vision and written tests.
Remember to bring you teen's birth certificate or passport and social security card, or at least the number itself. The list of the six points of identification is available on the website of the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

Contact our qualified driving instructors to find out more about our teen driving course.